Sunday, February 5, 2012

All women cry for no reason

Sometimes like tonight I cannot fall asleep. Or I refuse to, it seems to me that no matter how much I LOVE to sleep, it's wasting time.

Sometimes like tonight, my body is so tired, eyes fighting to stay open and I still refuse to fall asleep.
What troubles me more is my husband asleep. I sometimes wish that he would stay awake with me, then I don't. If he's able to fall asleep peacefully, I thank God.

After I say my prayers, I lay on my bed and wonder about everything in my life. I doze in and out and when I'm awake I wonder why.

"All women cry for no reason"

I heard that back in middle school in a class discussion and I denied it furiously.
Sometimes I wonder if we do cry for no reason...

No. There is always a reason.

Sometimes I cry because at night there is so many things going on in my mind that I can't fall asleep.
Because I miss my family
I feel sad
I feel angry
I feel happy
Someone hurt my feelings
There is always a reason.

Do you feel like women cry for no reason? Think about it, the desperate times you feel like crying.
After I cry, small silent tears, or heart wrenching sobs, at the end there is relief, I feel like I can think better, I feel like God has given me strength. I know it may sound foolish, but that's how I feel.

At the end of the day, when I'm finally able to drift off I feel tremendously grateful.

I know I completely combined two different subjects, but it is 2:15am. I have an excuse. Good night
oh and I failed my goal... oops

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