Sunday, January 22, 2012


A few days ago a few of my friends came to visit me. It was really late at night almost 12:00 and they were passing through the city.
My sofa was piled up with laundry I had recently washed and the sink filled with dirty dishes, I had decided to leave them until the morning. It was embarrassing trying to hurriedly clean up while they waited. OUTside. Yes, in my foolishness I left them outside waiting. I was ashamed but now that its over, has that ever happened to you??
Do you clean your house constantly?
If you do, well lucky you. Unfortunately, I don't, (i am ashamed really)
I talk to other girls, and they are always talking about cleaning, not all of them cook for their husbands but they do have a clean house.
I'm not saying I live in filth but I do get lazy once in a while and leave the dishes in the sink and other little stuff.
I work part-time and that's my excuse, yet in my head I refuse to validate it and just call myself lazy.
So what I am going to do is try to keep the house clean at least without dishes in the sink!

what's that quote I'm always reading about?
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. or something like that.

On another note:
I can't believe that January is almost over, where I live the sun is already shining and you don't need a jacket to go outside. Cannot wait for February! Valentine's Day!!!

hope you have a blessed week!!

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