Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big FAT...

I haven't written in a while, because I've been getting lazy because of the holiday's.

So what's been on my mind is that I haven't felt healthy this whole month actually. It's little things that irk me and are turning me completely crazy.

I feel like google is laughing at me. I'm one of those people that google every symptom they have.
Anyways, we've been ttc for a few months now but it hasn't happened yet. But every symptom that I google seems to deal with pregnancy lately, which is driving me insane!!!
Well only God knows when! Time will tell.

It saddens me alot to not be pregnant. So this whole month I've been depressed and technically sad.
My hubby has been supportive of it all.
I'm happy that he is understanding.

If you can spare a prayer please do.

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